What Is the Main Purpose of the World Wide Web?

Adam Gault/OJO Images/Getty Images

The World Wide Web, or Internet, was created to provide an information highway to any person that is looking for specific pieces of information. It was created to help bring many people together and to provide information as well as entertainment to the people who choose to use it.

The World Wide Web was created in 1989. It was created around 20 years after the first connection that was established in what would soon become the Internet. The creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, proposed his ideas for the Web and was rejected. His plan eventually became approved in October of 1990 and the World Wide Web began to take off. It was intended to be a web of computers, networks and people behind the computers that could connect on a more personal level. The Web was intended for data sharing and idea sharing. The Web really began to take off and by the turning of the new millennium in 2000, almost every person in the U.S. had some type of connection to the Web. In 2014, the Web continues to grow and become more mobile, making it easy for people to connect from nearly any spot on the globe.