Who Are the Main Characters in the Book “Flush?”

The main characters in the book “Flush” include Noah Underwood; his sister, Abbey; mother, Donna; and father, Paine. The book’s main antagonist is Dusty Muleman. Other major characters include Dusty’s son, Jasper Jr., as well as Lice Peeking, Shelly and Luno. Noah’s grandfather, Bobby Underwood, also plays a prominent role.

“Flush” is a young adult fictional novel set in Key West, Florida. The story follows Noah Underwood’s efforts to finish his father’s quest to expose corrupt casino owner, Dusty Muleman. Paine Underwood believes Muleman is dumping raw sewage into the ocean from the Coral Queen casino boat. To make a statement against this activity, Paine sinks the casino and lands in jail, where he compares his efforts to Nelson Mandela. While in jail, Noah continues his father’s efforts, with the help of Shelly, a former Coral Queen bartender and current girlfriend of Lice Peeking, who went missing after agreeing to help bring down Muleman.

“Flush” was written by Carl Hiaasen and published in 2005. It is the second of five young adult fiction novels he has published, as of 2014. Hiaasen also writes adult fiction, short stories and non-fiction. His 1993 novel “Strip Tease” was made into the movie “Striptease.”