What Are the Main Beliefs of the Apostolic Religion?

Members of the Apostolic church believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God and that it must be interpreted literally to be properly understood. Apostolics share many beliefs with other denominations of Christianity, but differ in a few crucial areas.

Like many other denominations of Christianity, members of the Apostolic church believe that every person has sinned and must be saved by seeking forgiveness from Jesus and striving to live a life free of sin. They also believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin mother and that he performed miracles as reported in the Bible.

Apostolics believe that the book of Revelation accurately foretells the future, and that there will be a second coming of Christ when a final judgment will take place, giving believers eternal life and punishing sinners with eternal death.

Apostolics also hold some beliefs that are not shared with other Christian churches. For example, they believe that speaking in tongues is evidence of spiritual baptism by the Holy Spirit. While most Christian churches believe that God holds three forms, Apostolics believe that there is no difference between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They believe that each of the three is a manifestation of Jesus.

Due to their literal interpretation of the Bible, Apostolics follow several rules that other Christian denominations do not. They encourage females to keep their hair long and to refrain from wearing jewelry or makeup. While some churches have a more liberal view of marriage, Apostolics believe that marriage is between only a man and a woman, and divorce is forbidden to members of the church.