What Are Lucerne Dairy Products?

Lucerne dairy products are a line of products that include butter, milk and cheese, according to the Art of Dairy. The company started creating dairy products in 1904, and it now makes more than 400 different products. Those products are all available exclusively through Safeway stores.

According to Store Brand Decisions, Lucerne removed the recombinant bovine growth hormone from a wide range of its products in 2011. Safeway stores work with Lucerne to provide its customers with dairy products, and Lucerne obtains the milk and other ingredients needed for those products from a variety of different farmers. Those farmers agreed to stop treating their cows with hormones. Sour cream, Greek yogurt, butter, cream cheese and sour cream from the Lucerne company are free from those hormones. While not all dairy products from Lucerne are free from hormones, shoppers find a wide selection of products when they shop in Safeway stores. The company produces cultured products, including sour cream and yogurt, milk, cheese, cream, butter and ice cream. Its line of ice cream products include novelties and a line called Creamery Fresh, which is smoother and rich than normal ice cream. Shoppers can also find eggs sold under the Lucerne name.