How Do You Lower Creatine Kinase Levels?

Creatine kinase (CK) levels drop naturally as time passes; no supplements can be taken to lower levels of the enzyme, explains HealthTap contributor Dr. Alvin Lin. Normally, there is very little creatine kinase found in the blood; elevated levels typically indicate muscle damage, recent heart attack or stroke.

Of the three types of creatine kinase, CK-BB is produced primarily by the brain and smooth muscles, CK-MM is manufactured mainly by skeletal muscle, and CK-MB is produced primarily by heart muscle, explains Sino Biological Inc.

Normal creatine kinase levels in adult men range from 38 to 174 units per liter of blood. In females, normal levels typically range from 90 to 140 units per liter, according to Lab Tests Online.

A CK test is often administered to patients to detect inflammation or damage to muscles and to those suspected of suffering a recent heart attack. Levels gradually decrease as time elapses from the trauma or inflammation, while in heart attack sufferers, enzyme levels typically rises in the 18 to 24 hours following the attack, and slowly return to normal within a few days, states Healthgrades.

It is possible for CK levels to be slightly increased following strenuous exercise, including weight lifting, prolonged exercise and participation in contact sports, explains Lab Tests Online.