What Are Louisiana’s Child Emancipation Laws?

Child emancipation laws in Louisiana are covered under the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure. In order for a minor to be emancipated, the minor must be at least 16 years old, according to Louisiana Civil Code, Book I, Title VIII, Chap. 2, Sect. 4, Art. 385, notes Boston Coop Network.

In order to be judicially emancipated, the minor must go through a court process that includes having the consent of a parent or tutor. This consent must include notification to the court that the minor is able to manage his or her own finances and affairs. If the judge agrees, the emancipation can be granted.

In some cases, the emancipation can occur without parental consent, notes USLegal Law Digest. These cases for emancipation include the ill treatment of the child by the parents. Minors can also be emancipated by marriage and by a limited judgment of emancipation, according to USLegal Law Digest.

In all cases of emancipation, the parents of the emancipated child have some relief from liability regarding the emancipated minor’s actions. Otherwise, Louisiana law can hold a parent accountable for a child’s actions if the child lives with the parent or if the parent has the child live with someone else, without the child being emancipated, notes Edler Law Firm.