Who Lost His Marbles in “Peter Pan”?

In the 1991 film “Hook”, based on the Peter Pan story, the character of Tootles is searching for his lost marbles. In the many different adaptations and expansions of the Peter Pan universe, Tootles is a Lost Boy who belongs to Peter’s band of ever-young orphans.

In the novel “Peter & Wendy,” and the play “Peter Pan,” Tootles appears as a young boy who lives with Peter and other orphans in the legendary Neverland. No mention of marbles is made in those works, or in the Disney adaptation of “Peter Pan” and its sequels.

In the 1991 film “Hook”, which focuses on a grown-up version of Peter Pan, Tootles is an elderly man living in contemporary London. In this expansion of the Peter Pan universe, Tootles appears to be senile, but it is later revealed that he has literally lost his marbles, which he left in Neverland many decades ago.