What Are Some Loreal Products That Have Been Discontinued?

Called beauty goodbyes on the Loreal website, the anti-wrinkle moisturizer, Revitalift, and the Youth Code Starter Kit are both examples of discontinued skincare products. A complete list of discontinued Loreal beauty products is available on the company’s website, as of 2015.

Users can filter the discontinued products by category, such as skincare, cosmetics, hair color, hair care and styling items. The website gives a product description, and based on the product’s attributes, recommends a similar available product while highlighting its benefits.

Discontinued Loreal cosmetic products include the Colour Riche Stars line of lipsticks and mascaras, such as Telescopic Clean Definition and Explosion, Double Extend Lash Boosting mascara and serum and Double Extend Eye Illuminating mascara.

Excellence To-Go is an example of a discontinued Loreal hair color. Total Repair 5 Night Elixir, Everstrong Hydrate shampoo and conditioner, Studio Line Mineral FX texturizing fluid gel and Everpure Smooth shampoo and conditioner are additional hair products no longer available for purchase.

Loreal has four discontinued hair styling products: Studio Line Silk & Gloss volume spray, Studio Line Indestructible for Women creation spray, Studio Line Indestructible For Women Fixing Spritz, and Studio Line Silk & Gloss Fixing Spray. Loreal has recommended replacement products for these items that are currently available for purchase.