How Do You Look up a Person in the DexKnows White Pages?

To look up a person in the Dexknows White Pages, visit the official website and enter the person’s name and location. Include the first and last name, the city, and state of residence to be searched. The person’s ZIP code can be substituted for the city and state.

Common name searches generate more than one listing in the search results. To help identify a positive match, additional information is provided within individual listings. This information includes the age range of the person, possible relatives or associated people, and the last-known physical address. By clicking Full Profile, a user gets a map display, and clicking Get Directions provides directions to the searched person’s physical address. Users also download the information and get the available information texted to a mobile phone.

Other services provided on the Dexknows White Pages official website include reverse phone searches, business searches and address searches. The information generated from these searches is provided for free. Information is gathered from multiple online records databases, as well as public records databases.

Additional information, such as associated email address, is provided by people finder websites located by clicking sponsor links within the listings. There is sometimes a membership or one-time charge associated with running searches via sponsor links.