How Do You Look up OEM Part Numbers for a Harley?

The best way to find original equipment manufacturer parts numbers for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is to visit, click For the Bike from the main navigation bar, and then select the desired part. The next page lists the corresponding OEM part number on the left-hand side of the screen. Note that the motorcycle’s year and model are necessary in order to obtain the correct OEM part number.

To search using the specific make and model of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, enter the year and model into the search box on the home page of The next page provides a catalog of parts and accessories for the selected model, including the OEM part numbers.

A complete catalog of Harley-Davidson OEM parts can also be accessed in multiple viewing modes at From the home page, click Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories. Then browse the online part inventory or use the search box to locate a specific part. Once you click the desired part, its OEM part number is given in the middle of the part description.

A quicker version is offered by Simply select the model of motorcycle, the year and the desired part. After this selection is made, the website displays a list of common parts with corresponding OEM part numbers.