How Do You Look up an Engine Identification Number?

Engine identification numbers such as serial numbers, model numbers and specification numbers are usually located directly on the engine itself. The appearance and location of numbers can differ between brands.

Engine identification numbers are very important for engine repairs. These numbers let mechanics know which parts are compatible with the engine and how to repair the specific model. All engines have serial numbers, and many also include model numbers and other numbers that help identify the engine.

Engine identification numbers are sometimes stamped directly into the metal of the engine. Some brands may also have stickers that list identification numbers. Although identification number locations can vary, manufacturers usually place them somewhere visible. Owners and mechanics can find engine identification numbers using the following steps.

  1. Remove the engine cover or hood
  2. If the engine has a cover or a hood, remove it to expose the engine.

  3. Inspect the engine
  4. Inspect the visible parts of the engine for decals, stickers or numbers engraved or embossed in the metal. Common locations for identification numbers include the blower housing, the muffler shield or a space near the spark plug. Usually, the serial number is the most important number, but some manufacturers may require model or specification numbers.

Machine owners who cannot locate an engine number should contact a licensed mechanic that deals with their engine brand.