How Do You Look up Divorce Records in Texas?

Finding divorce records in Texas begins with knowing where to obtain such information. Texas divorce records are in the public domain and can be requested legally from government and private archives. These records are maintained by the counties where the divorce degrees were granted. An excellent source of divorce records in Texas is the Bureau for Vital Statistics.

To access Texas divorce records, information such as the full name of the person, the date and place of divorce, the relationship with the person, the type of order and the reason for wanting the information must be provided in the request. Parties in a divorce can also obtain copies of their divorce decree from the Office of the District Clerk. If a person looking for information is unaware of the county where the divorce decree was issued, he must contact the state office. The Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services gives necessary directions and guidance for those seeking information on divorce records. Ideally, information can be obtained from various websites and archives of Texas divorce records. The website Texas Divorce Records allows users to search records using names, but it only contains data since 1968.