How Do You Look up Carter Carburetor ID Numbers Online?

As of 2016, to look up Carter carburetor identification numbers online, go to, and the Carter page on offers a Carter carburetor numerical index, while features a Carter carburetor identification page and a function that allows you to conduct a search by entering an identification number. offers Carter number search functions, aluminum four-barrel manuals, identification number charts and exploded view diagrams. Typically, Carter carburetor identification numbers are four digits that precede the letter S.

From 1957 to 1971, Carter produced the AFB carburetor as original equipment for motor vehicles. Until late in the 1990s, the AFB units remained available as high-performance 9000 series carburetors. The AFB is now the Edelbrock, which Weber manufactures.

In 1966 through the late 1970s, the Carter and Rochester carburetor companies had contracts to build Quadrajets for General Motors vehicles. Mechanics often see a Rochester part number on a Quadrajet that Carter built. Carter also produced aftermarket carburetors. When Quadrajet carburetors have Carter’s basic four-digit identification number before the letter S, the carburetors are aftermarket replacements. Rochester and Carter replacement parts are interchangeable.

Founded by William Carter in 1909, the Carter Carburetor Company produced units such as the AVS, AFB and 385-CFM WCFB for dozens of years. The company supplied major automakers, including General Motors, Chrysler, Hupmobile, Jeep and Packard. However, the manufacturing company collapsed almost overnight due to the development of electronic fuel injection. Carter’s St. Louis factory opened in 1915 and closed in 1984. Contractors began demolishing the building in 2015.