What Was the Longest High-Speed Chase?

Chris Pichado/CC-BY 2.0

The longest recorded car chase was 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) and took place in April 2002. The chase began at a bank in Wrestedt, Germany and ended near the city of Rivne, Ukraine. It lasted two days and went through three countries.

The three men involved in the car chase had robbed a bank in Wrestedt, Germany and were armed during the chase. They took two female bank employees hostage before they fled from police. One hostage escaped during an overnight stop at a gas station in Poland, and the other hostage was released after police stopped the car in Ukraine. Oleksandr Hapon lead the operation to free the hostages through a cellphone given to the three men in the car in Lutsk. Both hostages were recovered unharmed. However, the hostage recovered in Ukraine was in a state of shock.

The reason the chase lasted as long as it did was because the robbers had hostages in the car, and the police wanted to recover the hostages alive. The robbers were followed by police helicopters and 20 cars, some from German police and some from Polish police. The men stole about 200,000 euros from the bank, which was recovered when they were stopped in Ukraine.