How Long Does It Take for Zantac to Work?

When using Zantac to treat heartburn, it takes 30 minutes to work, according to People who are using Zantac to promote stomach ulcer healing notice a difference within 8 weeks, states.

People who are taking Zantac to treat heartburn should feel relief within 30 minutes, which then lasts up to 12 hours. Some people take Zantac to heal stomach ulcers. As Zantac acts as a histamine blocker, it can reduce the stomach acids that exacerbate ulcers. It takes up to 8 weeks for stomach ulcers to heal, and people using Zantac for this reason should consult with a doctor first.

Patients using Zantac can take steps to ensure it is effective:

  • The amount of times a patient needs to take Zantac each day varies, so they should follow their physician’s instructions.
  • Take the medication regularly.
  • Do not double up on doses when one is missed.
  • To prevent heartburn, take Zantac 30 to 60 minutes before a meal.
  • When using Zantac as an over the counter remedy, do not use it for more than 14 days in a row. In addition, patients should not take more than two per day unless a physician directs them to do so.

Some people may experience side effects when taking Zantac. This includes insomnia, headaches, nausea and constipation.