How Long Is Soccer Season?

Tony Marshall/Bongarts/Getty Images

The length of soccer season differs by league and country, but generally, at the professional level, a season is ten months long. In the United States, as of 2013 Major League Soccer’s regular season is played between the months of March and October. Each team plays 34 games per season.

Many leagues, such as the English Premier League, start in August and end in May of the following year. Argentina’s Primera División is an exception, with a split season that takes breaks in January and July of each year. However, even in these cases, the season is ten months in length. Youth soccer in the United States is often played in two seasons, covering the spring and fall, with breaks from December to January and again from June to August. This comes to a total of nine months of play, with the spring season being five months and the fall season being four months.