How Long Should I Wait Before Changing a Lip Ring?

Elizabeth Knox/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Most lip piercings require a minimum of six to eight weeks to heal, and the original jewelry is best left in place during this time to promote healing, according to Some specialized lip piercings require up to three months to heal, and it is important to follow the advice of a piercing professional to prevent complications.

Leaving in the original jewelry, which is typically one whole diameter size larger than the lip is expected to heal, allows for the lip to expand as it swells after piercing, according to Keeping this larger size ring in place also helps to prevent infection during the healing process. Once the piercing is healed, jewelry can be changed as desired. It is important to never remove the jewelry for extended periods of time to prevent the hole from closing.

If it is necessary to remove the piercing before it is completely healed, visit a piercing professional to remove the jewelry, according to YGOY Health Community. Keep the area around the piercing, as well as the jewelry, clean while healing by washing regularly with antibacterial soap and water. Follow standard oral health care, including brushing and flossing the teeth twice daily, to prevent complications after an oral piercing.