How Long Is the Recovery Time for the Removal of a Polyp From Your Vocal Cord?

The recovery time for polyp removal from a vocal cord is approximately four weeks, according to Fauquier Ear Nose and Throat Specialists of Virginia. Patients must also protect their vocal cords for up to six months following the procedure by talking carefully and avoiding screaming or yelling.

The patient may do a bit of talking a week or two after polyp removal, notes Fauquier Ear Nose and Throat Specialists of Virginia. Straining the voice during the six months immediately following surgery increases the likelihood that mucosal tearing occurs.

Vocal polyp treatments are the most successful when the condition is detected early, according to Osborne Head and Neck Institute. Practicing proper vocal techniques can help to prevent new polyps from developing. Complications of vocal polyps include painful speaking, permanent vocal hoarseness and scar formation.