How Long Will I Need to Be Off Work After an Appendectomy ?

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After an appendectomy, NetDoctor says that a person has to rest twice or thrice a day, staying away from work for two weeks or more. He can most likely return to a light job after around three weeks and a heavy job within six weeks. It takes about one month before a person is fit enough for his normal activities.

Ample rest is necessary because a person recovering from an appendectomy is likely to feel tired, explains NetDoctor. Lifting heavy things is not allowed due to discomfort in the area of the wound. After a month, a person can lift as much as he was able to lift before the operation. Patients are allowed to drive in approximately 10 days or as soon as they are able to make an emergency stop.

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom notes that patients who undergo a “keyhole” surgery often have a shorter recovery time. Patients are usually allowed to go home within 24 hours, if the appendix is operated upon promptly. However, with open or complicated surgery, it may take a week before a patient is well enough to go home. In most cases, people are able to return to normal activities in two weeks, although strenuous activities are to be avoided for four to six weeks after an open surgery.