How Long Does a Major League Soccer Game Last?

A Major League Soccer game lasts 90 minutes, with two 45-minute halves. Halftime in a MLS game lasts 15 minutes. Stoppage time is often added to games, usually making them a few minutes longer than 90 minutes.

Referees keep track of the time that is added to stoppage time. Though the teams are informed of how much time is added to stoppage time at the end of each half, only the referees know how much time is left after stoppage time begins, as there is no visible game clock.

If a Major League Soccer game is tied after the first 90 minutes, two 15-minute overtime periods are played. The overtime periods do not have sudden-death rules, meaning that if one team scores, it does not automatically end the game. The full 30 minutes of overtime must be played before the match ends. If the game is still tied after 30 minutes of overtime, the game ends in a tie in the regular season.

When the playoffs, also known as the Open Cup, begin, games that are still tied after overtime are decided by penalty kicks. The team that scores the most goals out of five penalty-kick tries is the victor.