How Long Will a Fuel Pump Last?

Eekhoff Picture Lab/Blend Images/Getty Images

The lifespan of a fuel pump is typically 10 years, although the wear and tear on the vehicle over time can increase or decrease the lifespan of the vehicle part as well as the effectiveness of the fuel pump. Many fuel pumps come with a standard one-year warranty guarantee and customers often have the option to expand the warranty for a fee.

Ensuring a fuel pump is maintained and inspected on a regular basis can increase its lifespan. Fuel pumps malfunction for a variety of reasons, including worn out gears in the fuel pump, contamination and an overheated system. Fuel pumps can be contaminated when rocks, debris and dirt enter the gas tank and travel through the filters into the fuel pump, ultimately causing a fuel pump failure. Drivers can avoid contamination by ensuring loose particles are not present on the gas cap or entering the vehicle while adding fuel. When drivers constantly run the vehicle with very little gas or close to empty, this also causes wear and tear on the fuel pump that can decrease its effectiveness and lifespan. Leaving the fuel tank close to empty or below one-quarter tank can cause the fuel pump to overheat or run dry.