How Long Does an Eviction Take in NY?

The process for eviction in New York can take up to 90 days, depending on the length of court proceedings and processing, according to LawNY, Legal Assistance of Western New York. A landlord must provide written notice of eviction, and in some cases, file a court case to finalize eviction.

The process begins with the landlord notifying the tenants in writing with at least 30 days notice that they are facing eviction or termination due to a lease that is ending, past due rent or a violation of the lease, notes LawNY. By law, the landlord must file a case and serve the tenant with a “Notice of Petition,” which has the date, time and place of the court hearing, and a “Petition,” which gives the reason for eviction. These proceedings can take an additional 30 days. Once an eviction order is granted by a judge, tenants typically have 72 hours to vacate the property. Mobile home park tenants typically have 30-to-90 days to move once an eviction order is granted.