How Long Does It Take to Cook Salmon Burgers?

Salmon burgers only take around 10 minutes to cook, but they can also require around 30 minutes of prep time prior to cooking, which equals 40 minutes total. There are many recipes for cooking salmon burgers, so cooking times can vary somewhat. In general, however, salmon that is prepared properly doesn’t usually take very long to cook.

To cook salmon burgers, the salmon must first be made into proper cakes that can be grilled. This can be done by fine dicing the salmon and then placing it in a mixing bowl, adding a teaspoon of seafood seasoning and two eggs that have been whisked well. After mixing these ingredients together sufficiently, breadcrumbs can also be added to increase the volume and structure of the cakes.

With a flat griddle or skillet heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (medium heat when using a stove) and glazed with cooking oil, salmon cakes only need around 10 minutes to cook. If the salmon cakes are desired well done, then this can take longer. When the cakes are first placed on the grill, the bottom side will brown in about five minutes. When this happens, the cake should be flipped so it cooks evenly on both sides. Once cooked through, the cakes can be served on a choice of bun with lettuce, tomato slice, a squirt of lemon and a side of fries, if desired.