How Long Can an Ice Cream Cake Stay Good in a Freezer?

Although unopened ice cream is good for up to 3 months and opened ice cream is usually good for 2 months, it is best to use up an ice cream cake within 7 days. The addition of cake and other ingredients make an ice cream cake less freezer stable than typical ice cream.

Popular at birthday parties and office gatherings, the ice cream cake is a delicious marriage between two popular desserts: ice cream and cake. A typical ice cream cake features cake that has been fresh baked, sliced in half horizontally and then cooled. It is then topped with a layer of ice cream that is either rock hard or slightly softened so that it molds to the cake easily. The cake and ice cream are then placed in a freezer for several hours before serving. Ice cream cake is sometimes topped with such items as crushed nuts, candy pieces or even a think layer of frosting.