How Long Does It Take a Banana Peel to Decompose?

It takes a banana peel three to four weeks to decompose. Decomposition is the process of raw organic matter breaking down into simpler matter over time.

Decomposition is a natural and fundamental ecological process. While an organism is living, its macromolecules, such as fats and proteins, maintain its life. When the organism dies, these macromolecules break down and nutrients are recycled. Earthworms, maggots, snails, insects and microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria consume organic matter and contribute to decomposition. Plants also contribute by absorbing humus or organic material in the soil. Humus is also used by humans to fertilize farm land or gardens.

Banana peels can be used as compost material, as they add nutrients such as magnesium and potassium to the soil and help plants to grow.