How Long Do You Bake a Smoked Ham?

Clotee Allochuku/CC-BY 2.0

The time it takes to bake a smoked ham can depend on factors like its weight and whether the ham is pre-cooked or uncooked. A whole smoked ham with the bone-in, which is uncooked, can take about 20 minutes per pound if it weighs between 10 to 14 pounds. A fully cooked and canned ham, which weighs about 10 lbs., needs up to 20 minutes per pound of baking time.

Other ham portions with other weights will have different baking times. When baking smoked ham, it is important also to check the minimum internal temperature of the meat to make sure it is safe to serve. The minimum internal temperature for fresh smoked ham should be 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and the resting time is about 3 minutes. Using these guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture can help to kill bacteria that may be associated with ham products.