How Long After Grouting a Floor Do I Have to Wait Before Mopping?

It is best to wait at least 72 hours before mopping a newly grouted floor to make sure the grout has a chance to cure completely. This also allows enough time for the adhesive substances on new tiles to cure.

Grout haze that remains on the surface of the tiles is buffed off with cheese cloth; if any remains, it is cleaned away with a grout haze remover that is formulated to work with that particular type of grout. If the tiles are made of natural stone, it is better to use a natural stone cleaner rather than grout haze remover; many grout haze removers contain sulfamic acid, which etches stone. Following grout haze removal, it is best to maintain the floors by cleaning them with a damp mop once a week, using a cleanser with a neutral pH that does not stain or damage the grout.