How Do You Log in As a PowerSchool Admin?

To log in as an administrator on, a username and password, which are provided by a school or school district, are necessary. Before using this information to log in, the administrator needs to navigate to a specific web address for the school or its district that links in with the PowerSchool portal. Beside school district administrators, teachers, students and parents also can use this portal to access student information.

PowerSchool is a student information management system used in many school districts throughout the United States. With PowerSchool, teachers, parents and students can view different information such as student grades, attendance, test results and homework assignments. The school or school district provides parents and students with their login passwords and usernames.

School administrators can access PowerSchool from a school district website to view student schedules, staff information and teacher schedules. To log in to PowerSchool, administrators need to enter an ID and password. The ID is the person’s first and last name, and the password is the individual’s email account. There needs to be a semicolon between the ID and password. By clicking on the “Enter” button, administrators can view a start page with a main menu and a listing of schools in a district.

Depending on an administrator’s access level, there may be certain school information he or she may or may not be able to access. PowerSchool also has many different features for administrators such as faculty management, scheduling and reporting tools.