How Do You Log in to Michaels Workbrain?

Log in to Michaels Workbrain by visiting and entering a valid user name and password combination. The web page has log-in capabilities for both Client and Global Administrator account types. If an account holder has forgotten a password, the page also provides a link for the user to change the password for a specific user name. By clicking on the ETM link on the top-left of the log-in box, users can select alternative languages.

Michaels Stores, Inc. obtained the Workbrain platform from Infor Global Solutions. The Workforce Management tool, dubbed Workbrain by Michaels, is a human capital management tool that allows the business to manage employees’ schedules, enter employees’ absences and time off, track employees’ hours worked, and easily pay employees. Additionally, the tool has reporting functions that allow managers to track employees’ performance and to manage the assignment of tasks.

Workbrain also provides a number of capabilities for employees. Employees can change their personal information, specify their direct deposit information, track and manage their hours, and view their paychecks, among other popular tasks.

The Workforce Management platform, which is referred to as WFM by Infor, is available to customers in either an on-premises or a software-as-a-service model. It is a browser-based Java solution that runs on a variety of hardware platforms and databases.