What Are Some Locations That Sell Advocare Spark?

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Advocare Spark is sold primarily through independent distributors and on the Internet, notes Advocare. Spark powders are energy drink mixes filled with extra vitamins and minerals. They are meant to use as a supplement during a multi-day weight and health cleanse challenge.

Spark is sold in large jars and packages containing single-serve pouches. These products are not available through traditional retail stores. In order to buy the drink mix and other Advocare products customers much purchase them online through the Advocare website. Customers may also be able to find Spark through online shopping sites, such as Amazon.

To find Advocare Spark locally, customers may use a local independent distributor. Distributors are like salespersons for the company who also help customers purchase Advocare products that are tailored to their specific needs.

On the main page of the Advocare website, customers can click on the “Find a Distributor” link in the upper right hand corner. When the customer enters his ZIP code under the “Help me find a distributor,” the site returns a listing of independent distributors in his local area. Customers can usually contact a preferred distributor by phone or by email about purchasing some of Advocare’s products, including Spark, states Advocare.