How Do You Locate a Person in Lagos, Nigeria?

Locate a person in Lagos, Nigeria, by searching an online directory such as or Services such as People Finder Advice also provide information about locating people around the planet, while the free site Lost Trekkers provides classified ads to assist in finding people worldwide.

The is an online search tool that is able to access the phone books of Nigeria or performs a reverse email search in an attempt to locate a person within the country. Type any known information about the person you seek in the appropriate search field and click on the search button. PeekYou is a similar site that searches for individuals by their first name, last name and location. PeekYou collects content from a wide variety of online sources, including social sites, homepages, news sources and blog platforms.

There is no registration requirement to use the Lost Trekkers website. This site allows individuals to search for missing persons by country, or to place a free people finder ad. Posts for missing persons include an optional picture, the name and description of the missing or target person or people, the name of the seeker, the year of contact and the city or area of interest. For missing persons in Lagos, the site People Finder Advice also recommends utilizing a private detective.