How Do You Locate a Gas Station With 93 Octane Gas?

You can locate a gas station that sells 93 octane gas by visiting According to Exxon and Mobil, their premium unleaded gasoline often has a 93 octane level, and gas stations can be located using the Station Finder function on the website.

Exxon and Mobil offer premium unleaded gasoline with an octane level of 93, but it may also be blended with 91-92 octane gas in some areas of the United States. Look for Exxon Supreme gas or Super+ at Mobil stations. Find local Exxon and Mobil gas stations using the online station locator at

BP, Citgo, Shell and Sunoco are independently owned franchises and it is up to the owner of the station whether they want to sell 93 octane gas. Visit to find the nearest 93 octane gas station operated by BP, Shell, Cumberland Farms and other gas suppliers. Simply type in a ZIP code, city or full address into the search bar to discover map locations and driving directions.