Where Do You Find Local Dealers for Tupperware?

The official Tupperware.com website offers a “Find a Consultant” section that allows shoppers to locate local dealers by typing in their ZIP code. The search feature automatically lists the 15 closest dealers, along with their addresses and their distances from the provided location.

Tupperware does not distribute its products through any retail channels. Instead, it operates under a direct sales model, in which local distributors provide merchandise to consumers. As of 2015, potential buyers who prefer not to deal with a distributor can now order directly from the Tupperware website. Tupperware calls its sales model “relationship-based selling” and encourages dealers to hold parties where they can demonstrate Tupperware products to their friends.

Tupperware containers seal out air to keep food fresher during storage, a design based on paint cans. According to the company, early consumers did not understand how to seal the containers properly, so sales were poor. When they began using the direct-sales method that allowed consumers to see how to use the products, the popularity of the products increased. Tupperware products are made from durable polyethylene plastic and come with a lifetime warranty which offers to replace any broken product free of charge, as of 2015.