What Is Liverwurst Made Out Of?

Eugene Kim/CC-BY-2.0

Sometimes known as liver sausage or Kentucky paté, liverwurst is a type of sausage that contains a large amount of liver. It often is made with a combination of pork and pork liver. Other versions of liverwurst contain calf liver and veal. Liverwurst is typically spiced with allspice, marjoram, mustard, nutmeg, pepper and thyme. In some regions, onion and bacon are also added to liverwurst.

Liverwurst can be made by mixing together ground pork shoulder and pork liver with kosher salt, pepper, allspice, marjoram, sage and ice water. Once the mixture is well blended, it can be put into sausage casings, then simmered until the sausages reach an internal temperature of 152 degrees Fahrenheit. Liverwurst can be kept safely for one week in the refrigerator. It can also be frozen successfully.

Liverwurst is popular in many parts of Europe, including Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Norway, Austria and especially Germany. The name “liverwurst” is actually a German word that means “liver sausage.” Different regions produce specialty versions of liverwurst; for instance, Polish liverwurst is made of calf liver and eaten with mustard on rye bread. In much of Europe, liverwurst is eaten on open-faced sandwiches. Cowberries and mushrooms are also sometimes added to liverwurst.