What Are These Little Wart-Like Bumps on My Ankle?

According to Cleaver Dermatology, wart-like bumps on the ankle are stucco keratosis. Stucco keratosis are benign growths on the skin, and they are found most often on the ankles and lower extremities.

Stucco keratosis are elevated lesions on the skin and are described as wart-like because they are scraped or frozen off. They appear in shades like gray, white, pink and yellow. They can cause a thickened and rippled appearance on the skin and are known to spread into hundreds of lesions. Most stucco keratosis is found in males and individuals who are 40 years or older. Stucco keratosis often goes unnoticed, because the symptoms are not always present. No known conditions are associated with the cause of the lesions, but sun damage is proposed as a factor in the development of them. Treatment for stucco keratosis is only experimental, notes Cleaver Dermatology.

Five removal options are suggested by Cleaver Dermatology. Topical 5 percent imiquimod cream is an immune response modifier that has successfully treated some patients. Scraping the lesions is a proposed treatment. Cryotherapy involves applying extreme cold to the lesions to remove them like a wart. Electro-desiccation is a process of drying out the stucco keratosis using electric currents. Finally, Etretinate, a retinoid drug, is a suggested removal process of stucco keratosis.