How Do You Find a Listing of Pennsylvania Mugshots?, a search engine for booking photos and arrest records in the United States, provides an online listing of Pennsylvania mug shots. The site takes the mugshots and records from the inmate rosters of county sheriff’s offices and from the blotter logs of local and state police departments.

To access the listing of Pennsylvania mugshots, go to the home page of and move the mouse pointer over Categories located on the top menu. Click US Counties on the drop-down menu, and then click Pennsylvania on the list of states. Choose and click a county name to view the booking photos of inmates incarcerated inside the jail and prison facilities of that particular county. Go back to the list of counties to check the other mug shots from another county. includes personal information about the arrestee, such as full name, height, weight and some identifying marks, such as hair and eye color.

To start a statewide search for an inmate, go to, the official website of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Click Inmate Locator on the right side of the header image. Under Pennsylvania Inmate Locator, click the hyperlinked words to access the inmate locator. The user is required to input at least the last name of the offender to start a search. The site provides general information about the inmate as well as a link to the online facility where the inmate is currently held.