Is There a List of Top Ranked Mitral Valve Surgeons? lists top-ranked heart valve surgeons. The search option on this site allows the user to search for these specialty surgeons in his immediate area or in other areas by ZIP code. Additionally, the search can be edited and narrowed down to focus on surgeons who specialize in dealing with a particular heart valve, such as the mitral valve.

After the list populates, the user can check the individual surgeon’s page on On the surgeon’s page, read comments from former patients about their experiences, the kind of services they received and how they fared after surgery. The surgeons’ pages also provide information about the surgeons such as where their medical education took place, the number of heart valve surgeries performed and the number of other heart valve procedures in which they have been involved. The hospital where the surgeon currently performs this type of operation is also listed.

Additional information on the surgeon’s page also includes details provided by the surgeon, such as strengths, including the description of strategies on how to fit the patient and condition to the surgery and not the other way around, according to The page also includes a video in which the doctor appears and talks about his practice and procedures.