Where Is a List for Organizations That Help People in Need?

Many different websites list charities and organizations to assist people in need, including Need Help Paying Bills and Charity.org. Specific resources for special needs, the disabled or people fighting cancer can be found on websites such as RareDiseases.org and Cancer.net.

The Need Help Paying Bills website offers users interactive navigation tools to search for different types of aide based on specific needs. The categories include assistance with paying rent or mortgage, utility bills, medical bills and even student or personal loans. A variety of different charities and services are listed, as well as instructions on how to contact them in each state and what information they require. The Charity.org website lists over 100 charities that offer international relief or local aid, such as ChildFund International, Freedom from Hunger and Medicines for Humanity. The site provides a short description of each charity and what it provides.

The RareDiseases.org website provides links to organizations that specialize in financial assistance for people with special needs medical conditions, such as The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Easter Seals and The Federation for Children with Special Needs. The site also provides links for information about assistance with medication costs, health insurance coverage, and clinical trials and research. The Cancer.net website offers links to national and local service organizations that offer financial aid for medical costs, housing and travel expenses, including the Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition, the American Cancer Society and the Healthcare Hospitality Network.