Is There a List of All the Names of Women in the Bible?

Both and Wikipedia provide a comprehensive list of all the women mentioned in the Bible including the meanings of individual names. provides a list that includes illustrated renderings of the women as well as brief biographies. This list distinguishes the names between the New and Old Testaments.

Each of these sites gives details on which book in the Bible contains these women and their stories. The Bible serves as a historical record of families, and also lists relatives and cross references with each name. focuses on the stories of women in the Bible, and each name is linked to a biography. These stories are written in easy-to-read language with additional information from other historical references when available. The site also includes artist renderings and pictures to enhance the stories, draws comparisons with other stories in the Bible and explores thematic connections. It divides each story into episodes with links to the Biblical texts.

This site also allows users to explore additional material with links to maps from the time period. It is not strictly spiritually focused and gives insight into the social standings of various classes of women based on the context of these individual stories.

The book “Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter” by Reverend Freeman focuses on the importance of the 93 women mentioned in the Bible. She and a team of researches dedicated their studies to finding the roles and significance of women in the Bible.