What Is a List of the Names of Cabbage Patch Dolls?

brokinhrt2/CC-BY 2.0

The Cabbage Patch dolls hit the scene in the early 1980s and came complete with adoption papers for the new parents. The unique names given to the Cabbage patch dolls included Edwin Nicholas, Cora Delilah, William Jack, Rose Katniss, Emily Jane, Destiny Raine and Jared Benjamin.

Cabbage Patch dolls were created by Xavier Roberts, an American art student in 1978. He originally called the dolls “Little People” and made them entirely out of cloth. When Roger Schlaifer purchased the licensing rights to the “Little People,” the name was changed to Cabbage Patch Kids and every doll sold from 1983 on was given a birth name and came with a birth certificate, adoption certificate and a story of how the Cabbage Patch Kid came to be.

The story included Xavier as a 10-year-old boy who discovered the Cabbage Patch Kids after following a BunnyBee through a magical waterfall. Xavier discovered the field of Cabbage Patch Kids was being produced for the evil Lavender McDade, who was planning to enslave the kids in her gold mine. Xavier set off to ensure every last Cabbage Patch Kid was adopted to a loving parent and named each one with a unique name before sending them to the safety of their new loving home.