Where Do You Find a List of All the Names of American Girl Dolls?

The names of all of the American Girl dolls are found on the company’s official website. Current dolls are listed in the “shop” section, while past dolls are listed in the American Girl Archives. The two principal collections of American Dolls are the BeForever collection, originally “The American Girls Collection,” and the Girl of the Year collection. The first three American Girl dolls were Edwardian orphan Samantha, Swedish immigrant Kirsten and Molly of World War II Illinois.

American Girl dolls are 18 inches tall and represent female characters between 8 and 11 years old. In the BeForever collection, each doll has six corresponding books that teach American history for the given time period from the perspective of the doll’s 9-year-old character. There is a “Best Friends” line of dolls that represent supplemental characters from the book series. Some notable BeForever dolls are Felicity Merriman of 1774, Caroline Abbott of 1812, Josefina Montoya of 1824, Addy Walker of 1864 and Julie Albright of 1974.

As of 2015, American Girl has released 13 Girl of the Year dolls. Lindsey Bergman was the first such doll to be produced in 2001. Grace Thomas is the thirteenth doll from this collection, and has a television film called “Grace Stirs Up Success,” and a mobile app named “Grace’s Sweet Shop” for Android and iOS.