What Is a List of Iodine Rich Foods?

A list of iodine rich foods is available at whfoods.org, and it includes sea vegetables and scallops. Other foods high in iodine include cod, yogurt, shrimp, eggs and strawberries.

Sea vegetables are the most iodine-rich foods, with brown sea vegetables, such as kelp and wakame, containing more iodine than red sea vegetables. Iodine is a critical component to thyroid function in the body, and consuming too much or too little of it can imbalance the thyroid. Because sea vegetables are so concentrated in iodine, it is easy to exceed the upper limit of daily iodine intake, so it is important to monitor the consumption of sea vegetables.

Other sea-based foods such as fish are also high in iodine, with cod and scallops providing 90 percent of the daily recommended iodine intake per 4-ounce serving. If a person does not eat sea-based foods, it becomes more difficult for him to meet his daily iodine intake. Even though iodized salt is an alternative iodine source, it is not a natural source and may not contain enough iodine to meet the recommended intake. It is also possible to obtain between 5 and 30 percent of the daily iodine intake from iodine-rich vegetables such as onions and sweet potatoes.