What Is LinkedIn Used For?

LinkedIn is a social networking website that allows people to connect based on professional endeavors, including finding employment and building professional relationships. It can also be used to stay in touch with former classmates and business associates.

LinkedIn is often used by professionals who work from home because it gives them a way to stay connected to the business world without regular face-to-face interactions. Telecommuters often rely on LinkedIn to get the latest business news and updates that they may not be able to find elsewhere. It is possible to make company or personal profiles, which is why job seekers often use LinkedIn to find information that can help them gain employment.

LinkedIn differs from other social media websites because it is designed strictly for professional use. Users cannot post additional pictures besides the profile photo. They cannot post videos, personal quips or any other common forms of social media content. Instead, they post their qualifications and work experience. LinkedIn is essentially a platform for distributing a digital resume to people who may be interested.

It’s common practice for business professionals to browse their colleagues’ connections to build new business connections of their own. Connections made on LinkedIn are deliberate, not casual, and they usually mean that the person is a former co-worker or a potential business associate.