What Does the Lifetime Warranty on Husky Tools Cover?

The lifetime warranty on Husky tools covers product failures associated with their line of hand tools, as of 2015. Husky’s lifetime warranty also extends to several storage products. A full list of these and other Husky products can be found on the Home Depot website.

Specific hand tools covered by Husky’s lifetime warranty include pliers, wrenches, ratchets, hammers, sockets, plumbing tools, knives and multi-tools. Storage products covered by the warranty include garage wall, floor and base cabinets, shelving, track wall accessories, wrench racks, socket rails and magnetic storage. The lifetime warranty specifically guarantees that if the Husky hand tool or storage product ever fails, the user can bring it back for a free, no-hassle replacement.

Husky is a line of hand tools, pneumatic tools and tool storage products that are sold exclusively through the Home Depot. In addition to hand tools and garage storage, the Husky line also includes air compressors, air tool accessories and hoses, toolboxes, truck toolboxes, tool chests, auto accessories, garden tools, electrical supplies, paint and automotive tools. Many Husky products are covered by warranty’s for a limited number of years. Specific warranty information can be found in the Husky Product Warranty Information link on the Home Depot website.