What Are Some LG Washer Problems?

The most commonly reported problems with LG washing machines are an unusual odor, the washer filling too slowly, leaking and motor failure. Error codes are used to determine the cause of hardware failure on some LG washing machines.

The unusual smell experienced with front-loading washers is most often caused by mold or mildew. Mold and mildew occur when small drops of water are left behind after regular use. NBC News states that mold and mildew are hidden inside the machine and can be removed by cleaning the lint filter, which is located behind the front panel, as needed.

LG washing machines typically produce an error code if the problem is related to water levels or hardware failures. For example, the code SE indicates a problem with the motor of some front-loading LG washing machines, while the code IE indicates the washer is filling too slowly on some top-loading machines. The IE code issue can be remedied by opening the water valves connected to the machine or cleaning the filters on hoses connected to the top-loading machine.

A leaking front-loading LG washing machine can often be fixed by replacing the dispenser, if needed, and replacing the gaskets that seal the door. Using the appropriate amount of HE washing detergent also helps prevent leaks and other issues with LG front-loading washing machines.