What Is LG’s Warranty Policy on Its Refrigerators?

Most LG refrigerators come with a one-year limited parts and labor warranty, although the policy varies depending on the type of refrigerator and the specific model. Full policy details can be found in the written warranty in the product’s owner’s manual, many of which are available on the LG website.

Aside from protection for parts and labor, many LG refrigerators also offer additional warranties. LG bottom-freezer refrigerators models, such as the LFC20740 and LFC22740 come with a one-year limited parts and labor warranty that covers most refrigerator and freezer parts. These models also come with a seven-year limited parts warranty that covers the sealed system parts, such as the condenser, evaporator and compressor. However, labor on these parts is only covered for the first year of the warranty.

Some of the French-door refrigerator models, such as the LFX31925, feature the same one and seven-year warranties as the bottom-freezer models. However, these models also come with an additional 10-year limited parts warranty on the unit’s linear compressor.

As of 2015, LG refrigerator warranties begin on the original date of purchase and are only valid for the original owner. To obtain service for a product under warranty, it is necessary to contact an authorized service center. It is also necessary to show proof of purchase in order to prove that the product is still under warranty.