How Do You Level a GE Profile Fridge?

A GE Profile series refrigerator can be levelled one of two ways, depending upon whether the appliance has adjustable rollers or levelling legs, according to GE’s official website. Adjusting the legs requires a turning motion with a screwdriver, wrench or pliers. Profile series refrigerators have French doors and a freezer with a pull-out drawer below the main doors.

Models with nonadjustable rollers have front legs that can be raised or lowered. Models with adjustable rollers need to be rolled out of position, and the grille should be removed. Then, the leg adjusting screw should be turned clockwise to raise the appliance and counterclockwise to lower the refrigerator using a wrench or pliers. The grille should be replaced after the adjustment. The front of the GE Profile refrigerator should be one-quarter inch higher than the rear.

For units with levelling legs, the grille needs to be removed first, and then a flathead screwdriver is used to turn the legs clockwise to raise the legs and counterclockwise to lower the legs. The grille should then be replaced. These refrigerators should be placed firmly on the floor with the front raised slightly, so the doors close on their own when opened less than 90 degrees.