What Is a Letter of Declaration?

A letter of declaration is a document designed to show the recipient specific intent. It names the person expressing the intentions listed in the letter and explains why the desire to declare something exists. This is letter style is commonly used in judicial settings.

Writing a declarative letter means expressing a unique intent and interest in verifying specific information. It allows the recipient to understand the position of the person writing and what is meant to be accomplished by sending such a missive.

A letter of declaration serves to act as an initial introduction in a legal or employment setting, providing clarity of purpose on behalf of the writer such that the recipient bears no confusion about future events. This document addresses matters that otherwise lack specific direction and remain in a tenuous state, such as a pending resume or legal action.

This kind of letter expressly states its purpose and tells the recipient what the desired outcome of penning such a document is meant to achieve. It is usually comprised of a few short paragraphs and is a fast method of introducing serious matters to the forefront of both the writer’s and reader’s minds. Formal documentation of this sort is commonly written on letterhead or official paper.