Why Is Les Feldick Seen As a Heretic?

Reasons Les Feldick has been called a heretic include his statements that contradict the Bible and his supposed incorrect interpretations of Biblical events. Feldick’s controversial teachings include that God flooded the earth twice, that Adam fell from fear of losing Eve, and that repentance isn’t necessary for salvation.

Feldick states that when God first created the world, it was in chaos and covered in water. He calls it the first flood. Critics state that there isn’t any evidence in the Bible of God flooding the earth at this time, and that the earth wasn’t in chaos, but was incomplete.

Feldick says that Adam loved God, but he also loved Eve, and felt that he would lose her if he didn’t eat the forbidden fruit. In the Bible, it says Adam’s actions demonstrate that he doesn’t love God. It never mentions a fear of losing Eve as motivation for Adam eating the forbidden fruit.

In Feldick’s teachings, he says that people don’t have to repent to be saved, and that faith is sufficient. Although the Bible says faith is necessary to be saved, faith in God also brings repentance. Feldick also states that God forgives all people’s sins. This contradicts what Jesus says in the Bible, that God only forgives those who forgive others.