What Is Les Feldick’s Biography?

Les Feldick was born on June 6 of 1927, in Kinta, Oklahoma. He grew up on a ranch and has been involved in ranching for many years.

During his childhood, Feldick attended public school and his family went to a Protestant church. He started earning his living as a farmer. Feldick married his wife, Iris, in 1953. They have three children and eight grandchildren and still live in Kinta, as of 2015.

Even though Feldick has never had any formal Bible training, he is known for teaching the Bible. He has lead home-style Bible study classes for over 30 years. His teachings are labeled as nondenominational and are regularly held in four different cities.

Feldick created a television program that premiered in 1990 through syndication. It was through a connection with one of his students that the show was produced.

The program was called “Through the Bible” and consisted of a 30 minute Bible study. During this time, Feldick read scripture and taught it to the viewers. The program was available on networks such as Christian Television Network and Daystar. He retired from taping Bible shows in 2011, but he still travels to teach Bible seminars. In addition to the television show, Feldick has written over 80 books on Bible study.